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Tube Light

Our company is providing the latest designs of Tube Light which has multiple advantages over fluorescent lamps and lighting devices. This tube has exceptional longer lifespan, with low energy consumption, low maintenance and operating costs, and higher safety. This light is used in homes, offices, malls, warehouses, theatres, and other places too. Tube Light is available in huge varieties like 9 W LED Tube Light, 5 W LED Tube Light, 18 W LED Tube Light, and LED Tube Light. This is mostly preferred for high efficiency, great colour, tremendous design flexibility, small in size, and unique styles too. This light is unaffected by weather and different temperature changes.
Product Image (22w-led-tube-light-500x500)

tube light

Price: 111111111 EUR (€) /Buckle
  • Delivery Time:1111111 Days
  • Supply Ability:11111111 Per Month
Product Image (led-raw-material-500x500)


Price: 100 INR/Bale
  • Delivery Time:11111111 Months
  • Supply Ability:11111111 Per Day